Stocks Trading

There are many methods to trade stocks, Warren Buffett relies on fundamental analysis, looking at the business model and management team for his investment strategy.

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To me, people relying on fundamental analysis to buy or sell stocks are investing and not trading. Trading, more often than not, will involve buying and selling within a shorter span of time compared to investing. Thus, fundamental analysis is not suitable for trading of stocks. That’s why when we talk about trading, most will think of technical analysis that is based on the price action of the stocks.

Basically, technical analysis is the study of price pattern of a stock over a span of time so as to predict the future trend or movement of it’s price. There are many theories that evolved from this study, so much so that most new traders are so confused that they either gave up or failed in their journey to become a trader.

The most basic and most effective trading strategy is to trade with the trend, counter-trend trading or more sophisticated trading strategies are best left to the experts to figure out. Most of the time, greed and impatience is the reason for trading failures. Trend will take time to form and to reverse, without patience, many will tend to over-trade or sell too early.

This site will discuss some of the strategies that people used to trade profitably. Do note that what is suitable for a person may not be suitable to another person, as the market traded and the mentality of each individual trader is different. Thus, all the strategies mentioned in this site is for discussion, referrence and information to provide you with an idea of how others are trading.

You can learn from every trading strategies, but you need to form you own strategy that suits you to be able to trade successfully consistently. The keyword here is consistently, if there is no consistency, big windfalls might occur and big draw downs might occur.

The trader may experience big wins but when big losses occur, it might be the end of his trading career. When overall profit and losses is positive consistently, the trader would be deemed to be successful and can survive with his trading activities.

You might need to have some technical analysis knowledge to understand some of the terms used in the discussions, as it is not feasible for this site to explain all the technical terms, but you can find most, if not all, of the terms if you google them.

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